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Who is this app for?

The app is for everyone who wants to understand the basic principles of double-entry bookkeeping – whether to pass exams, to read their companies‘ financial reports, or just out of professional interest.

What does the app cost?

For current pricing information please refer to the app store or note the pricing information given during the buying process.

I can´t open all chapters via the „Table of Contents“

All chapters will still be greyed out in the Table of Contents at first; to unlock each chapter, you have to finish the one before it. Once it´s unlocked, you can click straight to it.

How big is the app?   

The app has 44 chapters which each take between 5 and 35 minutes to complete. The explanations build on one another – chapter by chapter, step by step.

How long does it take to finish the app?  Of course it depends on your learning experience, your previous knowledge, and how much effort you put in, but working with test users showed us that around 8-12 hours is a realistic amount of time.

The „next“ button does not appear? Check whether you’ve selected all the right answers in a multiple choice sheet and all postings in an posting sheet. You most likely did not answer all questions yet! Hint: there can be up to six correct answers in an multiple choice and a unlimited number of postings in a postings sheet.

Do I have to go through the entire app in one sitting?

No! We deliberately divided it into independent chapters, and you can end your session after any chapter. However, we recommend that you at least go through a few chapters at one time. Everybody learns differently, so divide up your learning time in the way that works best for you.

Is the app also suitable for people with prior knowledge?

Well, that depends on how much previous knowledge they have, of course. If you are still learning bookkeeping, or you haven’t studied the subject in a long time, the app can certainly provide you with new perspectives and new explanations.

Do I need prior knowledge to use the app?

No, the app explains things right from the very beginning.