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Screenshots – this is how we’ll be teaching you!

Chapter Title Screens

These not only tell you what you’ll be learning in the next chapter, but also how many screens it has, and how long it will probably take you to complete.

Text Screens

Short, compact explanations that sum up the most important information. Learn only what you really need – but learn it well!

Posting Screens

Post transactions to T‑accounts right on your touchscreen, and get immediate feedback. Ideal practice… and fun, too!

Note! Screens

These underline especially important ideas that you need in order to understand the overall concept. Focused on your success!

Multiple-Choice Screens

These playful quiz rounds are designed to make sure you understand each chapter before moving to the next one. Fun and helpful!

Illustrative Screens

And of course we break it up every now and again with some illustrations… bookkeeping has never been this quick and easy!



Getting started: The business transaction

Bookkeepers post business transactions to so-called T‑accounts, which are drawn in pink here.

The white text field up at the top shows you the business transaction: “Butcher invests €99,000 equity capital“. To post it, just tap the right two T‑accounts – it’s that easy!

Of course, before you start posting, we’ll show you what a business transaction is, and give you a thorough explanation of how this whole process works.

Need more information?

To make everything absolutely clear, you can have the transaction explained in greater detail.

If you like, you can tap the symbol in the upper right-hand corner to see a more complete description of the transaction. You don’t have to do it, but you can.

To hide the detailed description, just tap the symbol again.

Here’s where it gets exciting

You tap the Debit account first, and then the Credit account.

What are Debit and Credit accounts, you ask? Don’t worry! By the time you get to the posting screens, you’ll have learned exactly what they are. We’ll start with clear, thorough explanations of each concept, and then give you some posting screens to help you practice what you’ve learned… perfect for test preparation!

Just for now, though: you always select the so-called Debit account first, followed by the Credit account. For this transaction, the Debit account would be “Bank”… so you tap it, it flashes green for a moment, and the €99,000 gets posted to the correct side.

Great stuff!

Posted incorrectly?

You can learn from your mistakes here, too!

If you pick the wrong account, it’ll flash red, and the amount won’t get posted… so you always get immediate feedback on whether you’re on the right track or not. Better now than in your exams, right?

And we’re strict, too: you can’t move on until you’ve posted the transaction correctly. That way, we can be sure that we’re not throwing anything new at you until you’ve mastered the previous material.

Posted correctly!

Posted to the Credit account like a pro, too? Voila, the journal entry!

First you’ll see the Credit account flash green, and the amount will be posted there as well. Then you’ll see the journal entry appear in the upper right-hand part of the screen, just below the transaction.

What’s a journal entry, you ask? Aha, but you can probably guess: we’ll have explained all of that earlier in the app.

And what’s that up in the white text field? Well… it’s the next business transaction for you to practice posting!

Post ‚til you drop!

There are plenty more posting screens where that one came from.
We’ll keep giving you different posting screens throughout the app, so that you can practice posting a wide variety of transactions using different scenarios.

This screen shot shows you a more complex version that uses sub-accounts (which we’ll also explain, of course!) and a different account structure.

All in all, the app includes nearly 80 posting screens, with hundreds of different transactions – give it what you’ve got!

And just because that was so much fun…

The Reset button lets you give things another go – either individual posting screens or the entire app!

The little round Reset button on the left side of the screen resets the posting screen, so that you can play through it again. You can even reset the whole app by going to the main menu and hitting the button at the very top left.

And that big green tick mark there appears after you’ve finished the last transaction on that particular posting screen.

Have fun!

Not available in your country?

„LearnAccounting“ is available worldwide, with exception of the USA. In the USA, the app is called StudyAccounting. German speaking users: Please refer to BuchenLernen (available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria). What’s the app called in your country? Check our list!

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